Tips to improve your home interiors

Interior design in essence is done to satisfy a need. It is to feel complete and be one with your abode. I started with this aspect as it is the core of why people get their interiors designed. The completeness with your natural habitat comes from it being a safe and secure place for your mental well-being. It is without this completeness that people find something lacking in their lives. It is not only a display of your acquisitions and aspirations but confines where you are in absolute comfort.


Colour is all the rage right now. Decorating an entire room in a single color isn't easy but the results can be beyond imagination. A definite way to commence is by using the paint color to a favorite piece of furniture. The answer to creating a colour-blocked space is in finding adjustments for patterns or complementary colours to manifest a fantastic display.


Incorporate Fresh Flowers

As we've all understood from years of looking through photographic house tours, creating good vignettes is one of the core skills for a designer and one of the most basic skill is inclusion of fresh flowers as a finishing touch to the interiors. With something so basic and ubiquitous as adding flowers it might be easy to underestimate its significance. Flowers are always wonderful to have in a space. They add a natural element to a space which is always refreshing.


Painting Door Trim

Giving your space an artistic and understated look is about skillfully doing the surprise element. Take people by surprise with patterns and colors in interesting places.


Hang Your Drapes From Ceiling to Floor

Here's a secret for hanging your drapery that will improve the aesthetics of your rooms by many folds: always hang your curtains from where your wall and your ceiling meet even if the windows are not that large. Hanging curtains from the highest possible point draws attention to the height of the space, a move that adds instant drama to your design. And if you want to be sure that everyone sees what you've done, make your curtains an important part of the room decor by hanging them in an eye-catching shade.



Play With Complementary Colors

Colour is one of the most core elements in any space. Make your spaces unique by artistically playing around with colours. There is a blog following this one about the use and theory behind use of colors essential to designing. There is a vast amount of scope in finding your personalized space in the permutation and combination of colors and shades.



Paint Your Ceiling

Painting your ceiling is an unsaid rule. It improves the magnanimity of your structure by defining the height. It generally is the umbrella shade of all colours one uses in your confines.

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