The theory behind colors and what do they signify

Each color has been given a particular meaning through years of its usage. It comes from the emotions which are invoked in artists in particular and people in general. The art of understanding this and applying it to what you want to beautify or personalize lies at the core of designing. An understanding of what each color symbolizes makes it easier for one to personalize their surroundings.

An intimate understanding of this also allows one to understand why most branding is done with such designs and using particular colors. 


It is a very intense colour invoking fierce emotions of passion, love, anger.


Orange is a vibrant colour symbolizing energy, happiness and vitality.


It is considered the most energizing of the warm colors depicting happiness, hope and deceit.


It is considered a very down to earth color and symbolizes new beginnings, abundance and nature.


Blue is associated with sadness and symbolizes calmness, responsibility and sadness.


Purple being a secondary color a combination of red and blue takes some attributes from both. It generally symbolizes creativity, royalty and wealth.


It is considered the strongest of neutral colors depicting mystery, elegance and also evil.


Gray is also a neutral color from the far end of the spectrum invoking moodiness, conservatism and formality.


White is used to signify purity, cleanliness and virtue.


It is considered a natural color both warm as well as neutral. It is a symbol of nature, wholesomeness and dependability.

Tan or Beige

Both of these are unique in that they can borrow warm or cool tones from the colors surrounding it. It signifies conservatism, piety and dullness.

Cream or Ivory

They are quiet colors evoking a sense of history and calmness hence signifying elegance, and purity.

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