How interior design improves your sales

There is a thumb rule to it:

Display the best selling products in order of expense

This incentivizes the customer to buy more products, as according to a customer’s mental journey the prices get lower and the deals get better as he progresses through the store.

Cash counter should be clearly visible

It is understood that the harder it is to finish the purchase the lower is the conversion ratio from footfalls to converted customers. Make it a point to make your cashier as visible as possible from all corners.

Up-selling and bundling of products

If you go to H&M or Zara, you’ll notice that along the line to the cashier are a row of lesser expensive items or “add-ons” Once the customer has a made up his/her mind for purchase from your store, you can always build on it by offering inexpensive utilitarian products on the way to the cash counter. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are. If you’re in an industry that requires your customers to come to your physical location you can benefit from branded interiors and retail layouts.

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